Stuff that should really be added to Hopscotch!



well then what’s the point of the forum?


Well good point… hmm




Bye… I guess


bhuwefrwuhbiervhbteu ifdhub ifgHuibfih bfd bugivYierbuger vuhbugibghFd idhf ih hgf id
Translation: Glory to Arstotska!


You translated to the wrong language

Translation: Could you translate that last word to English?




Ok. But it’s a name of a place which means it can’t be translated, exactly. But this is it.
Translation: Arstotzka


Thank you, that was a good translation :sunglasses:


It’s not instant though.


Gluten dog to you too @smurfy0000000


You misspelled “Guten tag”, @JACG2018MASTER


nope, i meant gluten dog


Does anyone else think that for deleting drafts there should be a “select” option like when you delete large amounts of photos on an iPhone or iPad instead of having to delete them one by one? If this already exists, could someone please show me how to use it?


It doesn’t exist, and it’d be extremely helpful!

Also a tab where you can see the users you’re following?


Yes I really need that! I follow probably like 50+ people and I would like to keep track!


Yo we need a better music system,

At the very least more notes, a way to shorten the sound effects, and some way to get rid of the lag



As someone who makes music on HS, I find it hard to use the notes that are already there. I have to change octaves on most of my songs


Why not add a thing so you can see how many likes (totally), and which people that are following that person on the profile card

Petrichor I (Am‮(

That has been requested in the past, but THT does not want to add that because they don’t want people to feel less popular (in follows and likes) compared to others. I see your point, but THT already went over it.