Stuff that should really be added to Hopscotch!



He said it himself
He is tired of +2 and wants to crush it
But since +2 is derived from -1, Jonny wants -1 disbanded


Guys? @GweTV? @anon95978765?




You too…


We are not feuding


Still. Move this ‘friendly conversation’ to another topic. I don’t get the whole ‘-1’ and ‘+2’ thing. It was funny for the first week, then it got boring.



Look, I didn’t do anything
I was adding conversation to the topic and a dude comes in and says he hates me, it was uncalled for

Wait, this still is in the same topic why’d you all post this in here


Okay. It isn’t your fault. But can we please just keep this topic for Stuff that should be added to HS?


He started! His name “seems” offensive…


Lol sorry if u say it that way I feel guilty… sorry :neutral_face:


Wouldn’t a ‘repeat [ ] times: create a clone’ be it


Guten tag (yes, I learned a tiny bit of German)! 3.33.3 is here with Max and Min blocks, but, there are some ideas I want to be sharing (including your’s), so, let us go!

My ideas:

  1. The flip over block: Useful for flipping a sprite over (you can change the dropdown from"smooth" to “rough”)
  2. The Gray blocks: They are the extensions, just like on Scratch!
  3. The Black blocks: They are called Black blocks because there is one block, and it crashes the game.

Why are they useful?

Because, say, you are making a platformer, and you want a way to have the player die when they fall off the screen, you could use them. The end of my ideas, reply your ideas.


Guten Tag m8

Good ideas too!
I haven’t been on the app consistently enough to think of any ideas for 3.33.4


Nice topic!
But isn’t there already a topic for ideas?


And it’s this topic?


@Leaders, I would merge this


I just merged the topic to here.




I didn’t do anything he just said he hated me