Stuff that should really be added to Hopscotch!



There is actually a newer version of the copyable blocks, but thank you for crediting me with a working version of clone times x




I’m in +2 ya know?.?




Can you two move this ridiculous feud to another topic?
@Rodrik834 @anon95978765


HS needs more sounds


Definitely. Music soundtrack topic


A music and sound update would be much appreciated by many


And a stop trail block


How would that work? And what would you use it for?


Idk what I would do with that, but I think pixel artists or just trail arts could use or.


You can have one, so you only use one draw a trail block


Basically what I was thinking about what they should add


Can you have multiple trails going


I don’t know much about trails because I have stopped coding like 2 years ago


Start trail (color) offset (offset)


Trail by trail


I didn’t do anything he just said he hated me
He replied to a post that I made which I had wrote to benefit this topic


Jonny said that he will disband -1 if you don’t initiate the massacre


That’s something out of his range, right @Petrichor