Stuff that should really be added to Hopscotch!



It would be nice to have a block that is like

Set (Self) Layer to (any number)

So no more messy send to back/front stuff


Yeah. I agree. (Look up)


What a good idea! That would be so useful.


Very useful, we noted it down!


I think THT should debug the “When is touching” block. It is always REALY laggy.


@Ana @Rodrigo @awesomeonion

Hey I think there should be a leaderboard that measures top liked hopscotchers, top followed hopscotchers, hopscotchers with the most features and hopscotchers with the most followers


That could dishearten people and think ‘I’m never going to be that good.’ I don’t think so. Maybe?


Definitely. Along with the when bumps.


That could lead to popularity issues.


Yeah but more like a tracker, and a chat with people in those leaderboards for tips and etc @tankt2016 @MISSION_IMPOSSIBLE


That’s what the forum’s for.


Well but for people who don’t know the forums