Stuff that should really be added to Hopscotch!



Oh yes pleaseeeee.
It always gets confusing and hard with send to backs/fronts, why not send to back/front OFs?





send to front of (object)


Ohhh… Yeah. Another problem is that is impossible to have something kinda overlapping.

Or, to have something that is above an object that is under another object but have the top object under the other object.


Yeah, I think layers will make RPG games longer, because with layers you can use one per scene!


Layers are the most useful thing. With Layers or scenes, you can do quite a lot


Great idea!

But isn’t there already "Set Text to “I” + “I2”?


Yes, but if you want to combine text and variable. If you wanted to say ‘Your score is (Variable)’ you need two text objects. It would be nice to be able to do it with one.


Ahh, I see

Just like Tynker has the join parameter


Yeah. Kinda like that.


There should also be a block for redirecting to projects

That would eliminate the “not getting noticed” issue


I thought of that, but then there could be people who redirected you to someone else’s project in a game starts, and then people would think they made an amazing project. Also, how would the block even work? How would you select exactly which project you wanted to redirect to among the millions?


Maybe use the letters and numbers in the URL of a project?


It would probably be a whole new Hopscotch feature

When the block is added, enetering data for the parameter would use a pop-up menu consisting of a few other menus

First being your projects

The second would be the featured projects

Then the third would be a search bar


I’ll make a picture for that in a few mins


I really don’t think it would work.



I was thinking something like this

But I think Hopscotcher’s idea would work best


Probably use the uuid.
Like at the end of a link after the


I dunno.


Ohhhh! A repeat until block! As in, ‘Repeat until (Value)=1’
That would be so helpful!