Stuff that should really be added to Hopscotch!



And mine…

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I’ve been wanting this for the longest time lol


@ana @awesomeonion @Rodrigo

I feel that a significant limitation of Hopscotch is that you cannot reference clone’s traits/variables by index as you would in a more sophisticated language, e.g. Object_Collection(Index).Property

I think this could be accomplished in an unobtrusive way so as to not over complicate things for new Hopscotchers.

I think you should consider adding an additional selection to objects reference menu for object variables:

This would populate the object variable bubble with 2 references, so in the example above it would display

Set Clone Index () of () Vertical velocity to (10)

  • The 1st bubble would accept a number or variable
  • The 2nd bubble would accept an object reference. Similar menu to the existing Object reference menu except with only explicit object references.

Is this possible within the current architecture?


I totally agree with that, it might be a limitation but I really hope that you can do that, as it would be useful to reference a clone’s position, etc. Imagine how much easier it’d be to make particle trails and everything! (Assuming it would be a normal number / variable field)


That would help so much!


Thank you for this! I’ll check back with the team.


@TheCMStudios @EarlyStudios:

As for the cloud variables, this will be implemented into the roadmap, but I don’t have the timeline yet.

@Ana said this to me in a email. YAY!

Hopscotch Roadmap



We should like, host a party.



this is going to be a game changing block


Yes I can’t wait! Should we tag omtl?


I don’t think so.
It’s only in the roadmap.
Could be years before it’s implemented lol


Ha ha maybe.


I hope it doesn’t take years tho lol


Hopefully like 2 updates or something.


Or even less


Like one, though I doubt it.






Hey @Stylishpoopemoji33, @GweTV and @Hopscotcher: