Stuff that should really be added to Hopscotch!



Awesomeonion has said it’s on their roadmap.


Oh hey that’s great :)))


I think that an “At the same time” block would be cool


I’m confused. How would that block be used?


If you want to draw a line and spin at the same time, there would be no other way to do it without adding another rule. But there could be a block that allows both of those things to be don at the same time without a new rule.


Oh ok. I’ve made circles in it before but it’s kinda slow


@awesomeonion @Ana @Rodrigo
Boy do i have a treat for you!
I made the blocks, you just have to implement them!
You can put these in secret block projects, just give me credit.
(Note, these currently do not work)

  1. I’ve already concepted that so that it actually uses the game rule Picker
  2. Secret Blocks must work like all the others


Fine. Don’t take the present.


Hey @EarlyStudios and @TheCMStudios:

I talked to @Ana and she said she would check if we need a petition. I think the dev team will take our idea for cloud variables!


Very e🅱️ic


I know, right?


At this point, we just have to hope


Whoaaaaa potential petition?!


Chances look better then they were before…


We might need to prepare for a petition



I asked @Ana via email if we should have a petition for this thing. She said she’ll wait and see.


Get ready. If we do, should we tag omtl?


Well yea it’s how you’ll get people to see it


Okay good. Get ready. Just in case.

Cya around!