Stuff that should really be added to Hopscotch!



First off, a ‘When is not touching’. Would be so helpful.


Third, better ‘Set Text’ blocks! Have multiple bubbles where you can insert text or variables.


Fourth, actually implement the ‘create clones times’ block. It is fully functional, and immensely helpful.
Fifth, add a ‘When (number) is between (number) and (number)’ block.
Last, a factorial maths function would be good. (!)
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First reply!
And yes, that would be helpful, if you want something to happen when one object is not touching another. We already have it the other way, why don’t we try ‘When is not touching’


I think you can already do Set text to (27+48) I think. There’s a small button at the top of the keyboard, if you tap it you can see the numbers and values.

But these would all be cool!


You totally can implement this logic in Hopscotch, but I see your point. Thanks for the suggestion.


I also agree with all of this. Well said and cool concepts! :clap:


I’m curious as to your opinion of why the “create clones times” block is so helpful?

Would you like input on how to accomplish the functionality of requests #1, 4, 5, & 6 as is?


I like the ‘Create Clones Times’ block because it instantly creates however many clones you need, without having to wait for another system.

Umm… Yes?


Yeah, you can, but if you wanted to say ‘Your score was (variable)’ then you would need two different text objects and that gets annoying quickly.


Also, a ‘(Self) Colour’ variable would be helpful, as well as maybe a ‘(Self) Text’ one. With the colour variable, it could also be ‘(Self) H’, ‘(Self) S’ and ‘(Self) B’


These are good ideas, I think they should be added too!


Make gradient background load instantly


Would you like input on how to accomplish the functionality of requests #1, 4, 5, & 6 as is?

Umm… Yes?


Sorry for taking so long to reply. Life happened.

Here’s the first one. I’ll reply again to cover the others later on.

When Is Not Touching

For the example, I used Gonzalo & Snow Globe and made Gonzalo melt (shrink) if not touching the Snow Globe. This requires an extra variable, but that’s not a big deal.

  • The first rule constantly sets the variable to a value of 1. (The Wait 0 delays 1 frame because of timing glitch in how the Hopscotch Player executes the code)
  • The second rule resets the variable to 0 if the objects are touching
  • Logically then if the variable is not reset to 0 and still equals 1 when the code execution gets to the 3rd rule, then for that frame the objects are not touching


That’s fine. I completely get that. :upside_down_face:

I have seen systems that accomplish that, but it is much cleaner to have a designated block to make that function work. Your system is definitely cleaner than others I have seen, but it would be much easier to have an actual block. * Insert ‘I don’t know’ emoji here *


it is much cleaner to have a designated block to make that function work

Agree. Just showing how to do it as is :slightly_smiling_face:
You still want input on the others?


Seems great!


Yes please!


I wish the collision blocks just weren’t as laggy in general, have to spend a lot of time making workarounds

Also the delete block should really be added soon, maybe a hidden setting somewhere to enable advanced blocks?


Hopscotch needs to focus less on minor bugs and features, the app feels slow and could use a performance update (I say this because some projects run fast in Safari but slow in an app)


Yeah. Performance in general is low, and the when bumps and when touching blocks could definitely do with a revamp. @paran0id


Also, a set layer block. It is infuriating having multiple layers of objects and having to time the usage of Send to front blocks to pin-point accuracy.
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