Stuff for the future like q and As


Yeah umm soon I am very confused on what to write but eventually I will do stuff like shout outs questions and answers yeah
So this is basically saying what kinds of things i will be doing


Welcome to the forum! @iwuvkittycats If you would like any help feel free to ask!
Here you can ask questions about code, report bugs, find new friends, collaborate and share your projects!


Hi! I’m Kitkat26! Welcome to the Forum! If you ever need anything, just put an @ sign in front of my name like this @Kitkat26


I have a question tho can you friend anybody or follow?


OK great! See you later!


No, you cannot friend or follow anyone by pressing a button like a follow button for example. However, you can make friends by considering someone as your friend. Many people have their own General Topics (topics where you talk to different hopscotchers). There is also a topic called “Talk to a Hopscotcher”. Check out those topics if you would like to. Welcome to the forum! If you ever need any more help, type like this: @William04GamerA. It will send me a notification so I can help you. Or, you can just reply to me. Welcome to the forum!