Stuck in the filter



SIf you guys have been wondering why I haven't been publishing anything lately, it's because my projects are stuck in the filter. I just want to know if there's any actual filter in the filter, becuase I don't tink it usually takes a week to publish just text.

(Yes I know "there have been like 9,000 of these topics" but I'm just letting you guys know)


What were the words?
There is a filter as far as I know.


Oh, I didn't post anything as just text, I'm just saying that people who do publish plain text get in just fine

  1. There is a filter, just ask them to push it though.
  2. (Off topic but I need to know) what did we do in American Studies and Orchestra (sorry BUT I NEED THIS INFO)

  1. I meant is there actually anything that they are trying to filter, and I know it's not bad words because there are many projects that have them
  2. Just the same thing as we've done for the whole week :sleeping:


Hm, it looks like your New Years project might have gotten stuck and I'm not sure why. Looking into it... Is there another project that you're worried about?

We do have one that prevents bad words and stuff from getting the community and (of course!) it sometimes makes mistakes. If you think your project is being stuck, please email us.

ALSO! If you see projects that have bad words and are getting published, please report them. Otherwise we don't know there is a problem so don't fix it. If there is a really bad project or the same person keeps posting bad stuff, please email us at

Here's how to report projects:


Ooh snazzy, on the same time as @Liza :joy::smirk:

Are you guys working hard on another update for this amazing community? Also, the beta link has gotten pushed down in my emails, could you send another one?


Mine has been stuck for a LONG time, and I don't even know if it's ever going to work. It was an illuminati conspiracy for @MagmaPOP. However, what bugs me, is that I published another illuminati project, and it also didn't show up. Only my book versions go through the filter, but not the "text wait" versions.
I have long deleted the projects, but I can still access it, since I posted them once on the forums.


I can check, but I may have seen it....
After Checking the last theory was Happy Coders


I have unpublished it... Hold on, I'll try to retrieve the drafts


Here is MagmaPOP's

Here is the illuminati leader one

These were done 3 weeks ago I think... @Liza could you figure out the problem?


Cool, I just published it. From what I can tell this should be fine to be published.

If something gets stuck again, just send us an email. It's easy to fix.

Also, we're always making this filter better so that it stops actual bad stuff and not your projects so it's super helpful to see what is working and what is not working.



Can you publish them right now? This will help.


Ok I did it, but it doesn't show the project, there is just a bird where the picture preview should be. (Happened to me before) well, other than that, it's published @Liza!


A HA! I figured it out and fixed the bug.

Sorry about that and thanks for bringing it to our attention! Let me know if this happens again.


Thanks! :D.


@admins, can you push my project out of the filter?


Hey! Just found this, and you have no idea how pleased I am! @MissFluffyHuskyz's projects have been caught in a filter, and her last project says it was posted about a week ago. But I know that's not true because she remixes my projects. They just don't show up in her published. Help @admins? Thanks so much!!


SThanks to @kiwicute2016's advice, I re-downloaded hopscotch and am currently able to publish! Thanks!


I gave you advice..? When?? Can you quote the post please? :sweat_smile: