Stronger than your general topic take two!



Wooo! I'm back in the general topic action! Let's do this people!


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Yea so this is my new general topic cause no one is posting on it any more. (Please leave the spelling mistake as it is on purpose)




Hey @Strongerthanyou!
(2nd post)


Hola to the granola @Strongerthanyou! :D


Hello! People! In less than 5min :3. AMA!!!


Hello cat face! What's up?


What are you coding in Hopscotch right now?

Why do I always ask that question lol


A pixel art eye for BaconClub.


Would you like a link? (To the club post)


I have some questions!
1 what is ur hs dream?
2 have u been on featured or trending?
3 wat is ur hs username?!
Thats all!


That sounds really cool! How's it coming along?


Bad. I'll give you a link soon.


Here you go! I'll post a link to my latest project soon.


I wish everyone was on featured!


Ya. Especially me. :3




Hai. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hai my best frendpai


Hey bacon! Sorry I ignored you! @BaconStudios. Can you give @Catface4 a link to the bacon club?


Omg hai!