Strike Force Kitty collab!




I want to make a game called "Strike Force Kitty: Last Stand" on Hopscotch! It's a clicker game, but it's AWESOME!!

There are so many different characters from movies, games, etc!

Each costume has a random ability, and a certain percent it strikes at that time!

There are so many different characters, there is a whole wiki dedicated to it!!

I want to request that @AHappyCoder and @CreativeCoder work with me! Tunnels of Terror was awesome!!


I have never seen that game in my life, but SURE WHY NOT :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(P.S. Sorry I've been too busy to work on Tunnels of Terror 2 :sweat:)


Yeah, I just found out about it today :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thats a good idea! Why don't you bring that Idea over to GiraffeStudios. Unless you only want to work with @AHappyCoder and @CreativeCoder if so thats to bad but you can't always work with them. :wink::slightly_smiling:


Nah, I want to keep it us two only. Sorry! :sweat_smile:


Wow. :expressionless::neutral_face: @AHappyCoder can probably but @CreativeCoder is busy with something else. What if they both are busy though?🤔 Anyway see ya.


(PSST! I can do this but I can't work on ToT2 currently because I am still figuring out a mechanic..)

@Rawrbear I can work on this after I finish HW...give me like 5-10 minutes


Done. I'll check out the game






Do it on your computer. :wink:


I'm on the computer right now so thats convenient :smile:


Lol! 202002020202/&$/'wmsh


This looks so amazing to make! Can I join?


Sorry, I'm not really inviting anyone, but if @AHappyCoder isn't going to join, then I'll think about it... :wink:


Can I join looks fun like MK38C


Sorry, it's not in MK38C, and we're not accepting invites. Sorry!! :sweat_smile:


Oh yeah, I forgot about this! Do you want to start?


@AHappyCoder Can you do it with us? :smiley:


Ummm I'm in another collab right now! Maybe once I have finished that...


Ok! (this has to be longer blah)