Stretch X and Y on the left/right direction

Sorry folks, no photoshop for today.

I’d really like a Stretch X and Y on the left/right direction. What does it do? It stretches an object according to the X and/or Y towards the left or right direction. Hopefully this rushed image can help you understand it.

This would be very useful for animations that requires stretching, healthbars without using trails, and other stuff.

This block is similar to set width and height, the difference is that it adds onto the width or height instead of setting it to a specific value, and it doesn’t stretch in both directions.


It wont stretch on the center, but on the x and y

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it’s still possible to do it with set width/height and set position

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i know but thisll make the job easier and not having to check the correct pos

I think this is a complex enough thing to do that its fine that some math is involved atm.


I think I agree with this, although implementing something like a general align block for texts and images would be pretty cool and useful, I think.


Lol your not serenity lol I got tricked by your pfp! LOL


thanks my issue has been fixed.

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thats a really good idea!

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