Strengths and Struggles!


- Ideas
- Text
- Coding
- Music


Not giving up on what I believe in
Logic puzzles
Staying on topic
Not getting angry at people


This is a great topic! Here are mine


Good at games

am on the forum everyday

I am pretty famous not that it matters!



Music I wish I was better

Remixes a lot!


I know I am not organized I want to do it soon!



  • Music
  • Art
  • Giving tips
  • "GBOT"-er (Not successful sometimes)
  • How To's
  • Promise Keeping
  • Values
  • Particle Effects


Everything mentioned above

Everything you do, even your strengths, still has struggles to be faced


Here is a like! :heart::heart::heart::heart:️ (a most used emoji other than the potato)



•I don't really know. :stuck_out_tongue:


•Cos and Sin
•HSB colours
•Finding Bugs
•Forgetting project ideas :(


-Visual Stuff

-Pixel Art


"Strenghts" and "weeklings"?
(No offense but i just like pointing out spelling mistakes :\ )

EDIT: omg that ( ) thing JUST MADE A HINT ON MY IDENTITY (Im a anonymous account)!!!!!! NUUUUUUUU


I was just trying to be silly! Trust me if you saw me in real life you would understand!


Oh ok! :grinning:



Text art
Failing at any music besides drums

Sine cosine
Keeping on topic


My weakness in coding is sin-cos, and CLONES... I've yet to learn about them, and clones are just NO...

My strength in coding is the layering blocks and values. I've used values to find ways around my weakness with sin-cos, and the layering blocks I use a lot in all of my text-art projects.

My weakness in art is lag, and the color orange. Lag crashes my app when I'm in the middle of a good drawing, and it messes up brush movement. Orange is just... It's my least favorite color. Unlike green, orange just has no place in my styles. Brown and purple are even WORSE... Too many shades and too little usage. Purple scrapes it's way off because it's crucial in drawing magic, and brown gets off easy because it includes skin tones.

My strength in art is my variety of styles. I have over 50 different chibi styles, and at least 9 anime styles. I learned a variety of shading and lighting techniques from, and my pool of random styles for different things is constantly expanding each time I see a new piece of art. I can mash up different styles, use only part of a style, or just improvise, all to get the effect I want. Using variety to my advantage in all sorts of doodles and practice, I can constantly develop my own style, which is a sort of mix of all my favorite styles. This is how I grow as an artist, really.

My weakness in music is not being good with the midi hack, and the EXTREME lag on my iPad. Not being able to use the midi hack isn't much of a problem at all; it's more of a goal, as I have a TON of midi's, but lag is a very big problem. This means that I can work for hours on a piece, and then have it all destroyed when my iPad crashes for no reason. Glitches and bugs take many of my biggest projects, and then, when I finally finish it, the song either won't play or will lag really badly.

My strength in music is my ability to compose/transpose by ear. I've been able to play music on flute by ear on my third or fourth try, up to the chorus, and it really helps when I program music. It works in the same way you can imagine what your art will look like before you draw it; I can sort of picture/hear/watch my song being played out on a piano before I get to putting it into Hopscotch. Then it's just editing, editing, and a tad more editing! I'm not as good as people like Anonymous or BuildASnowman, but I'm proud of the works I've made.

This was originally posted on a different topic. I just cut-pasted it here.


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Oh wow... you just linked me to EXACTLY what I am looking for with a game I am making. I have been searching for weeks with no luck until now. Thank you so much. If you ever need help with any of the math or the code, just tag me :smiley:


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That's cool! :D




k sorry


  • Art (drawing, trail art, text art, etc.)!
  • I love helping others, I guess that's a strength. XD
  • Being active. XD
  • I can code kinda fast (look at struggles for more explanations. XD)
  • I can forgive easily on hopscotch, if someone did something wrong, and they apologized, I will forgive them, even if I don't directly say that I do, a 'I'm sorry' goes a long way. :)
  • I can notice when I've done something wrong. XD
  • I enjoy making games, and I know somethings about making them.
  • Ideas and a wild imagination. XD


  • Procrastination.
  • I am slow when making some things some times. XD
  • I can't control to-do lists well. XD
  • Lots of weird, and not so weird, peeves. (Most of which, happen on hopscotch a lot.).
  • Quick poster and typer, sometimes I miss things that are important in words. XD
  • Music (I can make weird music. :P).
  • I get distracted easily when I'm coding sometimes. XD
  • I can't really plan for the future well.
  • I can kinda code fast but I get so distracted that I don't make a lot of progress fast. XD
  • I can easily forget stuff, but I do remember them eventually! :P



Trail Art (sort of)


Sin and Cos

Theres more, but I cant think of any


You forgot one thing on your strengths:

Everything! :0

Anyways. :3

Here's mine. Again. c:

Strengths! c:

  • Trail art stuffs. :0
  • Music on HS, even though I haven't done it in a long time.. ;-;
  • Drawing? :D
  • Helping people with stuffs. :3
  • Giving words of encouragement and positivity! c:
  • The c: face. C:

Struggles! c:

  • Games.
  • Sine and cosine!
  • Being sad. XD
  • Sometimes I leave things off until the last minute. ;-;
  • Everything else. XD I'm not perfect at everything. c: