Street fighter society SFS



If anyone wants to join come on but you get assigned to your street fighter character Ryu Blanka etc plus first five get a nan cat IDK why not lol


What's street fighter?



street fighter is a video game / movie /tv show / awesomeness / potato JK


It's a potato?



Is this hopscotch related?


Nope we should close it because it litterly has no HS connections
Calling the @moderators to close this


Give him/her a break. He/she just joined 5 hours ago. Welcome to the forum! Keep all topics related to Hopscotch.


umm he/she is me so im not new thx ;D


You have so many account's :stuck_out_tongue: @DanTheDalek @PlayfulPoring @SlugTerraDan @StreetFighter

Drawing on paper compared to

well @PlayfulPoring is a forgoten and was a free acount so thx




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