Strange unopenable project, what the what?


@Liza, @Funky_63_Greenland, @MagmaPOP

Hey everyone! Derp here! Let's get straight to the point. On hopscotch there is a strange project called "new exhibit at the..." But I have no idea what it is!

And then when I try to open it, this pops up.

One thing I forgot to mention was that it was made by someone called "me".
If anyone knows what this is, please let me know!


Wow, that's really weird. It happened to me too


There is a glitch in the matrix


There is a g-g-g-glitch in the M-Matrix


I'm going to go check that out, this is strange, try tagging the leaders and mods and admins.


Okay thank you.

Pie and goodbye everyone


It says it was made 91 weeks ago, maybe that has something to do with it? Also, about the "Me" thing, maybe that project was made so long ago that profiles made in that version of Hopscotch aren't supported by the current version? @Liza, have you guys made any major changes to the account system since 2014?


I pressed on me and it worked fine but I pressed on me and it didn't lead to anything!


It's a really old project and doesn't work in this version of Hopscotch anymore. Good question!


thank you! that was very helpful!