Strange new user glitch


On an alt acount of mine I got to trust level one but on that account my fist post was affected by the new user posteing restriction which is strange because that restriction should have been lifted at user level 1


User level one is what you have when you just join.


No it’s user level 0 when you join


Oh huh. I never knew that.


There is a difference between getting trust level 1 and being certified. THT has to allow you in, and Trust Level 1 is a bunch of requirements


See look, according to the meta Trust Level 0 can post

They have to get certified


Oh ok lol


Same I cant do topics its confusing?!


I have certified but it still wont let me


I mean as in THT certififying, not the badge


Ohhhh @HopscotchRemixer thanks


Ok you welcome, I can help anytime! Just tag me @HopscotchRemixer