Strange Glitch?



When I try to :hearts: Tri Phaze:cloud::sweat_drops::snowflake:'s Two lip swirl, it won't let me and makes a weird sound, a beep? I don't know. Is this a glitch?? It has also happened with several other projects. Accept this one had another game of the same thing, made by the same user, and I was able to like. What is this?!


I think it is a glitch. It looks like the projects are duplicated, and since you liked the first one, its not letting you like the duplicate.


I'm not sure what exactly is wrong, it happens to me sometimes, but my best guess is maybe we both were liking projects too fast for the system to register. :wink:


Nope. I liked it one time very slow.Though, I might sometimes....


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Like there 2 versions of the project. One is not supposed to be there, but it accidentally made a second version of that project. Make sense now?


I don't think that they are duplicates, it seems that they were published at different times.


Got it. Will @Liza know by any chace??


Strange indeed. Also, the project next to them seem identical to me. Does that have to do with duplication glitchs also by any chance?


Wait.. Now its not there.. strange..


I saw two projects with Identical likes, plays, and dates -.- a interesting glitch :wink:.


Does it kinda sound like an in correct buzzer?
Like "brant!"


Well, you know that Pop! sound on the sound block?? Thats more what its like.


I'll look...
EDIT: is it the one above the phone?

@PopTart0219 I know your new to the whole leader thing but do you have to close everything you see that's wrong?


It only happens to certain projects, and When I exited out of hopscotch, all was gone.



The best thing to do is to email them about the glitch, as they will get back to you sooner :wink:



I'm going to reopen this topic as this is what the forums are for, reporting glitches and helping others! We just don't want too many of the same topic!

Each time you email the Hopscotch Team, they normally have a system that says they have received your email, and most tell you to go to the forums and ask for help!


Weird! Email The Hopscotch Team at