Strange Emoji Effects?



For me, I can start playing a game without any problems, then I restart the game or something, and the emoji shrinks and turns all weird and stretched out. I don't know if this is a glitch in Hopscotch, or if it is something to do with my iPad (iPad 4, iOS 7.1.1). Does this happen to anyone else? I am curious to know. This maybe started a day or two ago.


Hm, strange. I remember the Hopscotch Team made a project about this a while ago.. Here's some general troubleshooting:

-restart Hopscotch by double-tapping the home button and sliding it up
-restart your iPad by holding the home and lock button for about ten seconds or until the Apple logo pops up
-update your iOS

Other than that..I'm not sure. Maybe try emailing the Hopscotch Team? I've never personally had this problem so I don't know :confused:


Yes, @Glitter_Kitty, i fhink so. I think i know what you're talking about. If you mean that the emoji suddenly stretch or shrink differently in two directions, i get that, when i run one game i made and called "HoRiZoN" - the last version in particular. That game is sadly afflicted with all kinds of freak effects on my iPad. I had to give-up on doing much more with it. And it's not in the code! I mean you cant code for the stuff that randomly happens. It would be cool if you could, but you can't. Like, sometimes, the blue stars that you're supposed to fly into for points and that normally just sit there and rotate suddenly get stretched diagonally, and, as they twist... they will even disappear and reappear! What tha'? It's like they're flat sheets and they are rotating about some axis that's not perpendicular to the scren, so that you now see them, "edge"-on. But it's not consistent. It has to be an iPad bug or, dare i say, a Hopscotch bug. Whatever it is, it's not new. Oh, well. Meh.


@oio I actually emailed the Hopscotch Team, and they said it actually is a Hopscotch bug, and they are trying to fix it right now!


There's a project about it called warped text/emoji


@H4x0r I don't think you should include the picture of your friend if it's not related to the topic and especially due to privacy issues. (You can edit your post to fix it.)

The Hopscotch Team did post a project on this when the bug was happening a while ago:


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Woah. Old topic! I still have that problem