Storyarts: Creative story starts with art


Hi everyone! This is ArtisticDog! This is for starting up stories using art.

How this will work is that someone will post art, and you have to create a story about the art. The story can be anything, it just has to be about the art or has to include the art. Remember, this is just for fun. This is not a competition. It’s just to spark ideas for writing. Have fun with it!


This is a great idea. It’s like a combination between the Drawing and the Writing topic here on the forum :slight_smile:


Also, I don’t want this to be unbalanced, like too much art. Instead, how about one art a week or so?


Yeah! Also, there’s a site called Storybird that does this kind of thing, writing off of art. Give this a like when you find it and sign in. Also, tell me what your username is on here.


Sharing usernames would probably count as ‘communication outside the forum’, which isn’t allowed. But I will still look into that site, thank you for recommending it!


It’s December right now also!