Story Writing Club! Full (Who's Behind the Glitches in Hopscotch?)



Topic: Story writing!
Would anyone like to be apart of a story writing club?
If you do:


  1. Have a hopscotch account
  2. Have an email account
  3. Have google docs

What are we gonna do?
Well, this story writing club is gonna write stories! (As all writing clubs do...)

Is this Hopscotch related?
Yes. These stories will be converted into Hopscotch projects for Hopscotchers to read!

Can I join?
Yes! Anyone can join! (If you've met the requirements)

Club Limit: Full

Btw, once we have everyone, I'll discuss how this club will work. Thanks!
Also, don't reply to this exact post becuase I'm gonna put important stuff on it


Sure. I'll join.




Ah, writing….
I'll join.


Actually, it would be nice if anyone who want to join could give their email now so we can start working on the docs




You can delete them if you'd like


Got it


I'll start to add you guys on to the docs


I join and meet every requirement.


(Silently tags @LotsaPizza)


Ok, I'll add you! What's your email?


Thanks! I'll add you in on docs


Tell me when to delete it.

EDIT: Deleted.


I've added you all, so tell me if you got it


I'm actually about to go, so we will continue the club later today, or tomorrow


I got it!!!


Of course I wanna do it!


Email: diabehere@g (no space)
I meet le requirements.


Mine is

(Obviously without the .)