Story writing anyone?



Anyone wanna write a story with me?

By the way, our story might have what SOME people say are 'bad words' in it but please don't report us because it is just a story!! You don't read a book and when it has a bad word in it report it to someone do you??

Just because you CAN report someone doesn't mean you HAVE to!

I am accepting only 1 person

If you want to do it just tell me what types of stories you like.


This sounds really cool! But I'm curious... What genre? And what platform will it be on?


what do you mean??????


Where will you write it? (Google docs, email, hopscotch, etc.)


What @Follow4LikesOfficial said, what are you going to be writing on?


If it's Google I'm In


Have you heard of wattpad? we could share an account and write it on there? If not we could do it on hopscotch


Sorry I don't have watt pad :sweat_smile: And I was about to suggest a Hopscotch account but I can't share my email so it might get hacked? Idk why it would be though, it's just a writing thing


do u know google docs


I could use my email?


ill make it and tell u the pass then delete the comment when uve seen it


@charlotte10034 that sounds like a good idea, and also, what is the story going to be about?


What do u like????????


Idk, sci fi, super heroes, I'm ok with pretty much anything I guess?


we could do like a romance one maybe????


btw I'm making the account now


Ok but nothing too graphic, Hopscotch is for kids, and ok cool


I made it and I made a chat


Cool thanks!


What's it called and stuff?