Story on the Forum!



Hello! I am hoping to try to post a story on the forum! Each post will be broken down into multiple chapters. Please reply with your vote. The one that gets the most votes comes first, the one with the next most votes comes next, and the one that receives the least votes comes last.

So, which one do you want? Please vote for:
I. Hopscotch Mesozoic Time Travel
II. The Wizard of Oz: Hopscotch Edition
III. The Cave Dungeon of Hopscotch


I think “The Cave Dungeon of Hopscotch” sounds cool!


III. sounds cool. I think it would be interesting


I agree with the other people above. “lll” sounds like a really good title.


The deadline is January 15th.


This one sounds cool!


I like the Wizard of Oz.


Wizard of Oz would be fun! :smiley:


I think the Cave Dungeon of Hopscotch sounds really awesome/cool!


:trumpet:The wonderful wizard of oz!:saxophone:


I think :evergreen_tree: The Cave of Dungeon :evergreen_tree: seems awesome!

It was a hard pick because I like The wizard of Oz too!


wizard of oz :sparkles:


I think that Hopscotch Mesozoic Time Travel sounds amazing!!!


Here are the results:

Since there was a tie, I need for one of you to pick which one I should do first, but on one condition: You have to have voted for “The cave Dungeon of Hopscotch” or “The Wizard of Oz: Hopscotch edition”.


Here, I’ll make a poll for you!

  • Cave Dungeon
  • Wizard of Oz

0 voters


According to the results so far, “The Wizard of Oz: Hopscotch Edition” wins! It’s coming first!


So, how will you write the story?


cave dungeon seems coolio :00


The Wizard of Oz: Hopscotch Edition
Chapter 1
@photographer123 as Dorothy @MR.GAM3R as Toto @Madi_Hopscotch_ as Em @Kayro as Henry

There once was a young girl named Photo. She lived in Kansas with her aunt, Madi, and her uncle, Kayro, and a little black dog named MR.GAM3R. The conditions there made everything turn gray. One day, there was a cyclone. The whole family retreated indoors. Madi and Kayro managed to make it to the cyclone exit, but Photo and MR.GAM3R couldn’t make it in time. They shut the small house door, and then they got in bed. Just then, the cyclone picked them up and blew them away. There were asleep the whole time. The flight lasted for about twenty minutes until the small house landed.


:00 this is great
can I be in one of the chapters please? if not it’s fine <3