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All hopscotch names have a story and that's what you do here. Share the story how you named yourself on hopscotch. My name has a very long story. Last year around Halloween. I would make myself grilled cheese sandwiches all the time even for breakfast. So for Haloween I wanted to be a grilled cheese sandwich. So I was one. My friends called me Mr. Grilled Cheese. I thought it was funny so I named myself Mr Grilled Cheese on minecraft. But in minecraft you aren't allowed spaces in your name so it looked like this: MrGrilledCheese. Then I mispealled cheese to Chese so it looked like this MrGrilledChese I thought it was funny so I kept it like that, so when I got hopscotch that was the first name to pop up in my head so I became MrGrilledChese. That is the story of MrGrilledChese.

Here are some amazing names I would love to hear the story about:

Sorry if I did not put your name up there I can't get everyone. But feel free to tell the story of your name even if you aren't up there.

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I were on handicraft and we get boxes! I had just seen the new Star Wars movie and I was impressed by BB-8! Then me and my friend start to create different names like box2 D2 one more! Then we created the name BB-Box and I think it was cool! First we create a team call TheBB-BoxTeam! And I name me so on HS! Then I named me BB-Box because it was cooler and my friend was BBBox! He changed his name not a long time after that! And then I was BB-Box! Now is my friend FlamingCactus!


Two words: name generator. I clicked the name generator, then I believe I got "RoarBear". Then, I thought to myself, let me fix this name! So I changed it to "RawrBear"!

A day later, I noticed that RawrBear looked kind of weird, so I changed it to Rawrbear! :D

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That name surprisingly fit lol.

ew I am burping up blood .-.


Hoi, I just got bored so I am on for a minute, well, 88 was my favorite number and I like Stickmen :smile:
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I originally wanted to be Mobster120 on Minecraft once I got it (which I never did) but a mobster is a bad guy, so then I decided to use the name MobCraft instead. I don't know how I got Mobster120, it was just a random thought.


My name on the forum and hopscotch is inspired by two characters. Asriel Dreemurr from undertale and Shy guy who is from many Mario games. Asriel Dreemurr sounds like "A Surreal Dreamer" and I replaced Surreal with Shy


I made a up a random name on the spot. I wish I'd thought through it a little more. I have a strong dislike for cupcakes and the number order 123. I also don't know why Cupcake is capitalized but not coding. Probably a mistake.


LOL thats hilarious :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don't like cupcakes