Story of FNAS poll


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I am wondering if you guys would like to know the story of Five Nights At Smileys since no one except me knows and i am wondering if someone else wants to know the story to see if their theories are right.

  • Tell us the story
  • Please do not tell us
  • Do not tell us but awnser some questions instead


Hope to see some replies!

UPDATE: Will be doing the things on 7/18/16 around 12:00 - 3:00


What's Five Nights at Smiley's? Is it anything to do with Hopscotch? Remember to keep things on-topic.


Go to your hopscotch search (the search in the app) and type it in, there should be a good 12 games


Let me check them out.


I don't know how to play the game. Could you tell me how?


sure, which game you playing?


The thumbnail says FNAS Redemption


screen shots can help since i do not have a ipad anymore :frowning:



When i make games i usally try my hardest to make them able for new people to get hold of, try it first


The noise button and square button don't really do anything. The screen will say Warning then this will happen



you have to open the panel to read the warning, the noise will work if they are not jumping, and if this problem persists please make sure that it was made by me (joewheels is my older account). Also please try sending screen shots of what it looks like without jumpscares so the office.