Story Ideas For My Game


So, I want to make a new game, but unlike my others, it will have a story! The problem is, I don't know what the story should be. Any ideas?




What about, you are taking a walk in the jungle and find a weird cave. You go inside it, and find a door into hopscotch! :D

I don't know.p, it's just a random idea. :joy:


catventures....... uhh

Oh anyways, do you want it to be silly, or serious?


That could work...


I want to go for more of a fun and adventurous story.


Ok.... I got this idea from seeing a club pengiun game on the wii.

Your a penguin, and have to escape a jungle! Why? The government transported you! You have to find clues or something to escape. Then you can go on a plane to the south pole! There will be a timer so you have to go fast!

I come up with the randomist things.