Story Idea! Filler


Ok, I am not going to write this story (I am in the middle of three) so I'm just going to give the idea for someone to use with my credit (I may offer to help with inspiration and even make a character)
The idea is cool, and I think a fitting name is Turning Tables.
(Please note that I'm using gender pronouns that could be the opposite gender)
A very clever Mastermind is on the loose. He was sentenced to jail in the HS Community for hacking. But one day, he broke out. He tricked 5 guards of the Hopscotch Jail into joining him. Upon escaping, he tried to trick more Hopscotchers into joining, but failed. These 5 hopscotchers that weren't tricked are now after to stop the Mastermind, but they have risk of falling into his traps.

These main characters would need to be at least slightly vulnerable of being tricked, or maybe even two faced.




That's a good idea!
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