Story For Hopscotch! Characters Open! (Music needed as well)



Before you say this is not hopscotch related, I want to make an animation for it. Hello! I want to make an animation in hopscotch, and I need characters to do this. I have created one myself but if you want to create one, the form is right here!


Back story:
Minor or main:
(Will change)


I don't understand this topic


Like, I'm making an animation and I need characters.... You will get credit.


I fixed it for you! 2020


Thanks! I was really confused...


No problem! 20202020


Name: like, fake or user? User: ArtisticWolf Name: Rori
Appearance: curly brown hair, fair skin, thin lips, tall, likes bold colors.
Gender: female
Personality: funny and sweet
Back story: lost her parents at a young age and is adopted
Minor or main: main


Both your username and the character name is needed. Your character is accepted!


Name: RobotPro ( If you need a more realistic name then do Amy )

Appearance: Tanned skin, dark dark straight brown hair,braided hair. Purple glasses, Jeans, grey & blue shirt. Dark dark brown eyes

Gender: female

Personality: Anxious, impatient, um kind.

Back story: Is not adopted. Has parents.

Minor or main: your choice

(Will change) :3 ?


Accepted! I was sleeping. :wink:


Appearance:pink dress with brown curly hair
Personality:Nice and sweet
Back story:lost her parents in the woods and her parents died from a unknown sorce
Minor or main:main
(Will change)


By backstory I mean like, her life BEFORE the story. It has to be interesting if she is a main character.


I mean mine is really interesting!(sarcasm)


This sounds like a really cool project, I can't wait to see it!!
We need some bros up in here so I'll make a guy

Name: Jacob (or Jake as a nickname)
Appearance: Pretty tall, thin, short red hair & light skin
Gender: Male
Personality: Pretty shy and kind of a scaredy-cat, but aggressive when cornered
Back story: Dad working all the time, never really gets along with his step-mom thus resulting
in his spending most of his time alone
Minor or main: your choice, I'd love to see him main though :blush:


Accepted! Is it ok if I tweak him a little bit to go with an adventure story?


Muehe! I can ship him with a girl! The question is... Which girl!


Name: puddle
Appearance: always looks sad and droopy
Gender: girl
Personality: shy
Back story: she was born poor and she never spoke to anyone in her whole life
Minor or main: main


Yes ofc you can tweak him, it's your story (sorry for the late reply, I was at the dentist :sweat_smile:)

Mwahahaha yes we shall ship >:3 hmmm we'll have to see


It is ok, I am playing mc 2!


Okay, I'll make her backstory and story a bit more dramatic/interesting so she is cut out to be main. Accepted!