Story Collab? Anyone can help out! Everyone can do something!



Right, everyone! So, you saw the title, thought, "Ooh, collab!" Or possibly, "Ooh, story!" I neeeeed to do a collab. I'm dying to do a collab. I neeeeed to do a story. I'm dying to do a story. This is gonna be great. So, we are gonna do a sort of movie/book combo published on Hopscotch. We'll write the story, publish each part 1 at a time, and make little animations with text models and stuff to go with each part. So it's for writers, coders, people who want a character in it, musicians, and advertisers. So, it'll be about this girl who goes to boarding school annnd... Yeah. Ready? Tell me how you wanna help and I'll try and respond soon. I'll also make a collab account. I'll tell you when the account is being made.


We'll be two characters, one boy, one girl. And I love this idea!


Great! Describe them? (:


Oh, brother and sister. Brown hair and eyes. Peach skin. The girl likes colorful stuff, and the boy likes sports. They can just wear any clothes, as long as the clothes describe them. Just one thing: what's a boarding school?


A school where the students live there in the school for the year.


Thought it was that! When is it starting?


Soon, when we get plenty of people to help.


I want to help!


I'll help write! If possible


Can I help with that part or maybe the writing part?


Savannah i be a writer I love writing


OMG LP WANTS TO HELP! Help all you want!!!!!! AHHHHH, LP'S HELPING!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEAH!


Go for it! It won't start for a while tho.


Sure!! Great! Help out all ya want.


Sounds fun! Can I be a character and edit the story?


Sure!!! Go ahead. I'll tell everyone when it's time.