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Hey guys,
I know Lotsapizza already started a topic like this, but this is only to share writing and give feedback to those who did. This is for the writers like Lotsapizza. I will also be posting things, I mean, stories.


I am a writer.


Cool... Do you have a story to share. Because you can post it here...
PS I'm a writer too


Not right now, but I'll give you a sneak peek of my next chapter in Before the Rain Comes.
Chapter 3- Packing Up
Sarah HAD to warn Sally. If Sally died, Sarah would have no friends. Sarah had to.
She picked up her phone. No connection. How could she warn her? Sally was smart, she'd know what to do.
Tomorrow was Christmas Eve.
Christmas Eve.
This Christmas, all she wanted at that moment was life.
Sarah could hear the tornado running around downtown. She was scared. Tornadoes were rare in December.
Sarah ran into the living room to get mom and Fuzzy. Mom told Sarah to take Fuzzy downstairs.
"No, Mom, it's too dangerous. You can't go outside, I won't accept it," argued Sarah.
"Honey, it's just to pick the last apple in the tree to share," said mom.
"Be careful, if you insist," said Sarah.
Mom went outside. There were strong winds. The tornado hadn't hit them yet, but there was ice and rocks were flying. She slowly walked to the apple tree, hand on her forehead, and plucked the apple.
"YES! Yes, I got it!" exclaimed Mom, as she ran back inside.
"Mom, where's the back of your shirt?" asked Sarah.
"It must have blown off. Oh well, I have a copy," said Mom.
They headed downstairs after they picked up everything they needed, and Fuzzy had a bag of dog food in her mouth. Fuzzy wasn't going to starve.
Smart dog.
Smart dog, she was.
Fuzzy was also trying to pull her cage, but it was too heavy.
Silly puppy.
Sarah picked up all of her electronics and put them downstairs on the beds down there. Sarah had no pillows, so she picked up her pillow. She had packed up Fuzzy's food and toys, while mom was packing up her stuff and Dad's stuff.
Sarah had a small room. She was putting her school stuff ad medical stuff in a bag when she saw something shiny.
A shiny bag that was gold.
She picked it up and zipped it open.
$50 and it was all her's!
$50, all Sarah's!
She knew she must share.
South would never share such riches.
After the packed up everything belonging to them importantly, Sarah gathered extra food in a cooler and then they headed downstairs, just in time.
The tornado was coming to them.


I like it ALOT. It put me on my edge. You're a great writer.


Guys this does not seem like it is for hopscotch


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The thing is... You could connect it to animating the story, or doing a game out of it, @Work_kids_coding, that is one of the main purposes, taking it some where else, in coding.


OK great carry on and I have a story


My favorite page from "The Wizard of Oz"


Awsome! Can't wait to read it!


Cool, is that your favourite book?


Yes Yes it is! It is right before Wonder.


Can't believe that you are so Similar to me, I found that website too yesterday


I'd like to see some original stories here!!


I started this trend first.... Not @LotsaPizza....


Oh, sorry, I didn't know. What topic is it?


This is one of my stories

No. I still couldn't believe it was that moment. The captain came in to the cockpit. He looked at Joe. "You ready?" He asked. Joe nodded. He was quivering. The captain directed his glance toward me. "You?" The captain questioned. I wasn't, but I nodded. I looked out the window. I saw my daughter waving. This is probably the last time I'll ever see her. The count down started. I was tempted to run out of the spaceship. "Seven, six, five..." I only had seconds. "Two, one, zero..." Too late. "Take off!" There was a round of applause from the crowd. As the space ship lifted from the ground, my stomach dropped.
The take off seemed like forever. I looked back. The world was just a mix of colours. My daughter was there somewhere. The captain announced that take off was successful, and we may now go around. Joe and the captain immedeatly unbuckled and wandered off. I stayed put. My legs felt like jelly. Water was gathering up in my eyes. My mind was racing. I know my therapist said I must think of the good things to come, not the things I left behind. Yeah. At a time like this. I'd love to. How I thought I'd love to listen to music right now. I looked around. No radio. Typical. I found myself singing a song my duaghter made up when she was four. I was never a good singer. But at that moment I realised how much joy it brings. "Hey! You now how long you've been here. Three hours, that is. Or more like six years, back on our old planet. Hehe." The captain said as he sat in the seat next to me. Six years? It just can't be. My daughters turning sixteen. I can't miss it. I turned pale. How could the captain not care at all.
Everything went black. Our spaceship was hurtling toward the ground of... Mars. I could smell smoke. We heard a scream. My first instinct was to pop on my suit. The captains was different. He sprinted, quite slowly, towards the screaming. "Joe's dead!" He shouted. Only in time for another set of screaming, along with another person gone. The fire was coming towards me, and I was hurtling towards Mars. My suit was on. The hatch was guarded by fire. Instinct took me. I kicked the front glass. It cracked open. I jumped out. I was tumbling towards Mars faster than light.


Exactly like this:

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