Storage; I have like 0.9 left


Hi y'all

So my phone is pretty maxed out with storage and stuff (it's one of those 16GB) because I have the family shared iPhone thing, and my parents have too many photos and contacts (it's not my fault I only have 6 apps because of storage).

So because of birthday soon I may get a new one (probably not lol), and when I don't get one, I need ways to help clear out my phone without deleting all my parents' contacts and photos (THAT THEY DONT NEED; YOU DONT NEED 12 PHOTOS OF THE SAME THING). So if y'all have ways to clean out space on my phone that would be amazińg.



First! What type of phone will you get?


You could just buy more storage pop.


Have you tried getting iCloud storage?


I know videos take up a lot of storage


Omg I feel you, my phone is 16 gigs and I can have 3 apps and then I'm out of space.


iCloud storage 50GB/99¢ a month

Google photos (Such a life saver please try it)

Let it goooooo


I know right, I have 50 videos, but they are really important

  • Back up your photos!
    • Back them up via iCloud, or...
    • If you have an SD card compatible with your computer and phone, just put the photos into your SD card and move them onto your computer, then delete your SD card photos! Or...
    • Use the Google Photos app, log in, and let it back up your photos to your account! When that's done, you can delete your photos on your phone, and it'll stay on Google's server!



Ikr I have legit 6 apps and my phone storage is almost full. Logic





You don't haha

Just kidding just delete the app and sign in the app again


Why don't you just not use Family Sharing



1; I got my phone like 6 months after it came out (iPhone 5s) and I was in 5th grade and they didn't trust me.

2; I have no idea how to disable it


Woah what I have so much apps on my 16 gig 5s phone like nba 2k which is 1.8 gigs when you download not counting my Instagram, photos and snapchat also downloaded songs lol


Oh ok

You could just call Apple or go into settings and work it out

Nvm life is too busy for that


iPhone 6s because I don't like the 7


It's basically a Samsung ripoff tbh


I also have all my dads music on the music app (Alice in Chains, why do you take up so much space), but i have Spotify... So it's useless and I never listen to all of it


Wait my nba 2k takes up 2.3 gigs lol


Wait @BuildASnowman do you know how I can kill my dads music on my phone