Stopping Addiction on the Forum


You're home from school. You eat a snack, and bring your backpack to do your homework. At least you think you're going to do your homework.
It's 3:00 pm. You think, "Hmm, let's check the forum for a bit." After checking for a little bit, you reply to some topics, and start your homework at 3:10 pm. You do about 3 math problems. You think, "Did I get likes or replies? Lemme check again." You have a "3" next to your profile. You like each of them, reply on one of them, and check out a new topic. You post on the new topic, answer a Newbie's question, and make a random meme about sharks. You think, "Better get back to my homework!"
It's 3:30 pm. You've only done three math problems. So, you're bored and you move on to reading thinking, "I'll work on my math later."

After reading two paragraphs, your mind wanders back to the shark meme. OOPS! You realized you forgot to tag the forumers username!

So, you quickly go back to your device and tag the forumer's username. Then, they respond with spam likes.
So, you forget about your book and start liking all their posts until you run out, and it's 3:50 pm. They post something very hilarious, and you ABSOLUTELY NEED TO like it! So, you try.

Then the annoying message pops up saying, "You've run out of likes. Please wait 10 minutes before trying again."

Ten minutes! Not bad! I can KEEP CHECKING THE FORUM-- wait, I'll read ONE MORE PARAGRAPH and then I'll keep checking! Halfway through reading, you can't resist the temptation to check out the topic. It says, "7 minutes left." when you try clicking "like" again.

Defeated, you make a huge post with a bunch of :heart:️ in it, and you get a like in return. Then, another notification pops up, and it's a poll about whether someone should leave or not.

You go to the topic, press "NO! You shouldn't leave!" and decide to write a whole paragraph about why they shouldn't leave. Then you search the Internet for funny jokes and end up saving 20 of them, and deleting 10 of them, posting 5 of them, and by then it's time to start spam liking that forumer who liked your shark meme.

By the time that's done, it's 4:30 pm.
You've done THREE math problems.
Read TWO AND A HALF paragraphs.

Now for sports practice. You bring your phone, and get dizzy because you're on the forum in the car.
coach yells at you, and you do awful because your mine is sidetracked by the forum.

You go home, and take a shower and have dinner.

Your parents say, "If you're done your homework, we can watch a movie!"
Pretend it's a very new movie that you haven't seen yet.

How could you resist?
You lie, and say, "Yeah, I'm done."

And even during the movie, you're still on the forum!

After, you realize you have to finish your homework! But you're exhausted, and you end of promising yourself, "I'll finish all my homework on the bus."

On the bus, you're still on the forum. You haven't finished your homework, or you've stayed up all night finishing.

Sound familiar?

However much you try to pull away, you always end up back on the forum.

So, I've decided to make a thing called, "START YOUR WORK!"

Basically, if you know you're supposed to be doing your work, go on this topic, and we'll try to keep you off the forum until you're done your work.

All you have to do is:

  1. Go on this topic.
  2. Post #MakeMeDoMyWork - 15 minutes. (Or any other time)
  3. Then, simply exit out the forum and set a timer for 15 minutes or the time you posted.

I'll (if I'm on) set a timer for 15 minutes, (again, 15 is a random number) and so will you. If my timer doesn't go off before you come on the forum again, I'll remind you how much time you have left and tell you to go back to your work. When your timer goes off, then you can come on the forum again. I'll leave you alone unless you post that again.

Tips for Getting off the Forum-

  • Don't post. Then you won't get notifications.
  • Don't start an argument. You'll be more tempted to reply.
  • Get your device away from you. Preferably far away.
  • Set a timer. If you don't go on the forum for the full time, reward yourself with like 5 minutes on the forum.

I hope this helps!
I've found myself like this a bunch of times, so don't feel guilty if you're like this too! I hope some of you will help me with the timers too, because I feel like I'll be posting "MakeMeDoMyWork" here often! :slight_smile:


Good topic!

i can definitely relate


@happyfacegirl beat me to first


Great topic and idea, I think we can all agree we've been there!!


Yus i did


Great topic! Here's a like! <3


I kinda have a topic like this tho.

It's dead, but yeah



Great job @snoopy!

I think I maybe will use this topic a little when I'll get my homework.
Right now I haven't start my school


Oh, sorry. :frowning:

MY TOPIC IS ALIIIVE!!! :slight_smile:


Me neither. :slight_smile:

It's just sometimes I have chores and I keep getting on the forum and I never finish. :frowning:


Brilliant topic to make that I definitely need :joy:


What I do, I tell myself "the quicker you finish your homework, the quicker you'll be on hopscotch and the forum"


That's a cool idea!

But then I end up messing up all my problems! :frowning:

I be like, "FASTAAAA! 2+2= 5! OOPS, NO TIME TO ERASE! TOO BAD, BROTHA! ಠ_ಠ !"

I'll definitely try this though! :slight_smile:


No, mine is not like that, I just focus on it, and not thinking of anything else


Just a random question- how are you going to manage everyone? This could get super popular, and you might not be able to be on all the time, and it'll be even harder since we're all in different time zones. Maybe have a few helpers? :D But really cool idea! :D


Been there, totally done that! Last year I procrastinated a lot on my school work because of Hopscotch and the forum, but I've learned to manage my time a little more. This year I'm going to try a harder in school (I made all As last year, but I know I could've tried a little harder). :+1:

Great topic!



Anyway this topic is fine.
Mines dead, and this ones better anyway


Yeah, I do need a lot of helpers! :sweat_smile:


Oh no! :0
Did I miss your topic's funeral? :3
Sorry for your loss. :slight_smile:


I think this is very good
However, easier said than done, ya know