So @Rider and @Logan_Edwards77 came up with a genius idea @Rider also decided to edit me out of this but I approved it!

So @Logan_Edwards77 somehow found a glitched my art pad that seemed impossible to glitch to me... we want to see if one of you crazy genius coders can make a project that Logan cannot glitch. The winning prize is a shoutout from ScotchHop Team, spamlikes, and a lot of bragging rights!

• Must be an interactive project
• Must have more than 3 actions within project that a player can make
• Must have a background

https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/yof0xhe5r by @William04GamerA


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@Milkypup lol
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This sounds awesome! I'll join


I want him to try this:


Edit it in the wiki for one of the projects otherwise it doesn't count


Great, to join all you have to do is make a project within the guidelines, and name it #StopLoganChallenge on your original account


Ah, ok
I will do it!


Just make a new copy of that project...


I just saw that! Looks Cool!


@Logan_Edwards77 Can you look at my profile William04GamerA and see if you can find a bug in my newest project "CountDown 1.0"? It is new and it took like 40 minutes to make, so it might have a few bugs...


Got it! Sorry, it took a while, I was busy


Sorry Logan has in fact found a glitch with the game


What is it?


I thought u left??!??


Forget that...
I'm still here




Okey dokey