Stop with cyberbul|ying and hate accounts!



Cyberbul|ying Must Stop!
I'm becoming aware of people being constantly bullied. Unfortunately, many people are afraid that the person being mean will do something bad to them if they report the hopscotcher. Hate and duplicate accounts are spreading. He or she usually does it for likes, or to hurt someone's feelings. It's common that people could unknowingly hurt other people's feelings, for example...

...but sometimes people want you to feel bad and abuse your feelings. For example...

Personally, I think hate can not earn you the smallest of things. Being respectful and supportive to others already gives you a good impression, and they will be respectful and supportive to you. Cyberbul|ying should not be something you would find on hopscotch, or on the forum.
*I had to use mine for examples of Cyberbul|ying because I didn't want anyone's feelings to be hurt.
If you need help reporting a project, go to @Intellection74's "Project Reporting" topic.
Should Cyberbul|ying end?
*CreativeCoder for poll


Um... Poll? (Make sure it's [poll] and [/poll])


Sorry I messed up and added a space


Should cyberbullying end?

  • YES!
  • no
  • I'm a troll



Gotta have those spaces between the dashes!!! And also, nice speach!!! People constantly tell me I'm not cool, that I s uck, but I take it as a compliment:sunglasses:. I seriously look at the one or two people that day, then I view all the nice comments, fan accounts, and shoutouts I get, there is a HUGE difference between the two, meaning I get WAY WAY WAY more nice things then bad things. And after I realize that, j feel so much better! And by the way, in the future my feelings won't get her if you use mine as an example! I honestly don't care about hate stuff. I think it should end, but it can't hurt me!


Thx for the advice! :3


A few friends of mine and I were being bul|ied on hopscotch, and I was really frustrated, since I was too nice to report anyone's project.


If someone's not being nice, report it! It's just like flagging on the forum (it helps THT take care of it), so don't feel bad!


Applause and applesauce:apple:! Nice speech!


nice speech!! well needed to be said!! :clap: :clap:


1: Pandagirl is wrong! You don't play with jewelry, it's all for the looks! :sweat_smile:

Cyberbullying is a horrible thing, and I totally agree that bullies should be punished somehow.


Oh yea, that's true! You would be raising some suspicion if you were seen "playing" with jewelry in a jewelry shop :sweat_smile:


If you make a topic the bullys gain control and win a bit every time people talk about them, you just have to email THT.


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Standing up to bul|ies is on of the reasons why this topic was created, whether the bul|ying takes place on hopscotch or in a real life situation.


Totally! I agree! Just stop it! Nice it up a bit!