Stop Trying to Claim Topics


We all want our topics to thrive and be filled with posts. Unless it's private, you know what I mean. I have noticed something though. People are trying to claim topics and make unnecessary topics for no reason. One example of this is the Halloween Party. Now, there was no agreement for the party to take place. But a specific user decided to make a party starting on the 16th. Halloween is on the 31st. That's a 15 day gap. No. Stop.

If you see a topic that says "This is the official _____ Topic" do not assume it actually is, unless it's by a former moderator/leader or THT, who know what they are doing. Do not make these "official" topics. And also don't claim a topic 15 days before the actual event.

Just a reminder, the next "party" is going to be on Christmas. So you can stop worrying about claiming it because you aren't going to.




I agreee with you!


I agree. You can't just add "official" to the topic title and say it's a new topic that can only be used.


Unless you're a formal leader or THT

And yes that is hierarchy but we were promoted for a reason

And dont worry we wont randomly claim topics and make parties 15 days early


Yah I agree.


Actually, I was announcing a challenge. They were to be due on the 31st, so I announced it 15 days in advance. It seems like this was directed at me because I made a Halloween Costume topic yesterday.


no yours is fine because it is hopscotch related and a project

I was talking about the party someone made 15 days earlier


Okay, because the number was really specific and exactly like mine! :D
Thx for making it clear, I was freaking out.


I really agree. It's like the the hopscotch oscars 2017. Right now it would be better if someone did the hopscotch Nobel prizes.


I honestly don't care…
I just participate in the topics I'm interested in


I'll do that.


Yey! That's cool.


Same, I don't really mind. Why should it matter if it's not "official"? People should be able to have forum "parties" whenever they like. I don't really see anything wrong with it.


I can't make (OFFICAL) Topics? I have consent and permission.
Also my general topic has (OFFICIAL) in it. It is OFFICIALY my general topic.


Official or "Official", I do not mind :wink:

I love parties but I can't participate in all of them if people have parties leike dat lol :stuck_out_tongue:



I'm sorry, but...
What is a party?


Basically like a real life party :P
You post music, celebrate, and stuff


I can't wait then. Thanks, Lapiz. (Would it be weird to call you Senpai? I literally call nearly everyone that. In a friend way.)


You're welcome.. uh.. girl who loves potatoes and likes to draw.

(Nah it wouldn't be weird okay it might be a bit weird- BUT I WON'T MIND or will I? DUN DUN DUNNN)