Stop trying to act different!




Ever since a couple people were promoted to leader, a bunch of people have been acting different just because THEY want to be a leader. What I'm trying to say is

Don't change!

Your perfect the way you are! Being leader is pretty cool, but think about it. A lot of people deserve to be leader over here! But we don't need to have so many leaders!

You don't need to keep using :wink:

Seriously guys. People have been over using this!! You don't need to use this to become a leader guys.

We are all leaders!

We just don't have the name. As I said before, lots of people deserve leader. But we don't need so much. We are all leaders in our own way!

Guys, we don't need to be so strict!

I'm starting to miss all of those funny posts.. .-.

:D And most importantly, BE HAPPY!!

And if you WANT to change for a better good or just because it feels right, go for it! As long as your not just doing it to get leader :wink:


Amazing topic! :D


I agree. :D


Thanks! :D


Actually. It can be OK to be different. I remember, smiling snowflakes you rarely posted. Now you post all the time! And that's great :thumbsup:


Agreed! I mean, sure, I want leader, but I'm not changing myself to get it. I'm doing what I normally would do!

And hopefully I'm doing a good job...


What I like to say is don't force change because it'll come naturally.


I only use the winking emoji when I really mean something. XP
This is sooooo helpful @DancingLollipop!!


I got a nice topic for you!!!


Thanks! About the helpful thing, and the nice topic! XD


Your welcome! You really deserved it, :wink: !




Everyone here deserves the highest rank...

In a different ways!

Maybe a leader to help someone code.
Or a leader in making music
How about a leader in cheering someone up?
Doing collabs?
Words of advice is good!


What if (in my case) It felt more....helpful...and lead to less misunderstandings, and it feels right?


Well if it feels right for you, sure! But if your doing it just to get leader, I would just be yourself!


I agree w/ you! It's not like a boot camp, where you're forced to be someone you aren't! Altering your personality just for a respected title won't be as fun as being yourself! Like @Follow4LikesOfficial, he can be helpful, but he can just as well be a hilarious troll xD

This is a great topic!


I love this topic! :D

It is fine to decide that you are going to be more helpful on the forum, but it's fine to stay super funny! Trolling is only allowed if it's nice, so nice trolling is totally awesome! :D


I need a leader to help me to quit talking about Harry Potter stuff... DL, this is a great topic! I tied changing myself but then I found out that I'm immature and silly and that's fine! Harreh pottah


Exactly! And thanks! :D
@Follow4LikesOfficial is a great example
He has always been that friendly, helpful, hilarious troll yet Liza still promoted him! And he is still that troll, and still a leader!


They see me trolling
They hating
Lol I remixed the song. @kiwicute2016 wa sat okay to,post?


Yes, origanaly it was for leader, now it feels natural, and good.