STOP.... This is getting really annoying!


Ok guys I appreciate people supporting me I appericiatepeople making fan accounts for me but I've had enough I've already had been kicked out of two collabs before just because someone made the account name my name and everyone in the collab thought that I hacked it so it would be like that but I didn't.

Now it's someone making a fan account on a collab account/ScotchHop team. I really like the fact that peiple like me okay but it's no the right place to do it on ScotchHop team is supposed to be a collab account not for a fan account.

I don't really care who did it but please just don't do it again I had enough of being blamed a hacker...
I would really like it if someone who did it would appologize to @Rider and @UnderagedCoder1 , who made ScotchHop team for coding purposes


Thanks, you beat me too this topic, it's bad enough they are framing you... why don't they just make their own fan account for you instead of hacking our account. Also, well said.


thx 4 supporting me....
And for the compliment so sry 4 what happened to the account :((
I think the person who's doing this is deleting the projects
(My projects got deleted to... it was on trending)


You forgot a space in the first line
This has never happend to me cause no one likes meBut it must be really annoying :pensive:


It was annoying in WJB. What do you mean 'getting'? ._.


Well said, Hermione. Yeah, it must be annoying...


wait where did i say getting
@FearlessPhoenix thx
@ValueGamesStudio,Not having a fan account doesn't mean that no one likes you :slight_smile: cause I like you!


You're welcome. But I dont think I did anything. Did I do anything to help?


you said that I said this well said!
Okay kinda confusing but u complemented me so i said thx


Ok. You're welcome. Again.


Thx again!!!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :D


That sux.....


Wow how vain of them to hack the account and frame you