Stop the trying to like for more badges



We are tired of people liking out of the wahoo to get the new badges!

liking is to agree or if you really like it

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I can't like ;-; For the first time ;-;


I just did it because I was bored ._.

I don't care about badges.

Don't bring me into something like this, please.


Me either, but at least we didn't do it through spam liking


Stahp replying to me! It makes me want to like ;-;


honestly.. i spam liked before the badges... i only do it because it sometime makes people feel happy


I don't care about the badges:

I like to make people happy



I've never run out of likes until a few mins ago and it was only for 50 minutes


Still can like... Sad life, or is it happy?


2000 likes later, your title still stands true XD


I can't like your post ;-;


I'm going to ask on meta if mods have unlimited likes.


... " "


I don't think so, but I know leaders and up have 3x the amount of likes that regulars do.


Can't like ;-;


Check how many posts I've liked...


It always make me be able to like in 12-17 hours.
Likes 50 posts;
Wait 50000 million years to like again.
My reaction:


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17.5k likes given.
Second place for likes given of all time.
You didn't see that coming? Eh? - QuickSilver
Too much for you? Eh?


Wow that a lot of likes @Kiwicute2016