Stop the Spread of Negativity on the Forum: Flame Wars! Topic #1


Welcome to the topic where negativity is abolished!

Before people start yelling at me, I am aware that there is a topic against bullyin' in Hopscotch but this topic is against negativity not bullyin'.

If you are reading this then you are probably a victim or a bystander of an act of negativity. This topic is mainly reflecting the causes and conclusions of a flame war, plus what to do and what not to do.

I hope this topic is helpful to any people who are tired of the negativity on this forum!

What is a flame war?

According to the dictionary a flame war is a lengthy exchange of angry or abusive messages between users of an online forum or other discussion area.

What to do in a Flame War:

-Try to calm the people who are fighting down. Reassurance does help!

-If anything you say happens to go the wrong way, back it up with an explanation of what you meant to say.

-If you don't know the people who are fighting, then stay out of it. If the person or people don't know you, then back off!

-Ask people to help resolve the issue. Different people have different methods of resolving things.

-Come up with comments to make them feel better. This helps in times of difficulty!

-Ask them why they are fighting. If they don't want to tell you, then back off. Don't pressure them or they'll get even madder. Wait until they are comfortable mentioning it or until the flame war is over.

What NOT to do in a Flame War:

-Don't say something like, "It's not a big deal." or "It doesn't matter." This can cause more distress!

-Don't pick sides! This can hurt people's feelings and make matters worse.

-NEVER ignore the situation if your friend is involved. Your friend might mention it later and could be hurt knowing that you weren't there to help (but don't pick sides!).

-Don't go into the topic just to say, "Okay, stop this nonsense. This is ridiculous." or something like that. It's totally unnecessary and it shows that you mildly don't care.

-Don't blame it on a single person. If you don't have anything reasonable to say about it then just leave the topic.

-If someone tags you in the midst of the flame war, DO NOT ignore it! This means that someone needs your help. If you ignore it, then people aren't gonna want your help.

-Don't go on a flagging spree! Just because it's a flame war doesn't mean you can flag to your heart's content. Only flag when necessary, like when a curse word is said or a scary or violent picture is shared.

-Don't hold grudges! This could hurt a fellow forumers feelings.

Causes of a Flame War:

-a comment or topic
-a Hopscotch project
-an argument
-real life issues (if they know each other IRL)

Examples of IRL Issues (that cause a flame war):

-a loss (a deat.h)
-moving schools
-peer pressure
-adolescence (it may seem weird, but it's true)
-a divorce
-finding out you're adopted (that would be a shock to most people)

Don't ignore problems, fix it.

We cannot solve our own problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
-Albert Einstein


I didn't read it all, but first and great topic frenpai!


Great topic! These days, I usually try staying neutral when I see a flamewar, and I won't flag any posts unless it meets my 100% flag ratio:

posts that have one of these

bad words that I think are flagworthy
pictures with scary, violent or inappropriate content
stuff like that.

One of the worst things about flamewars do is when someone tries to get you to join a side.


That's a great example!

Once, this dude showed a picture of and wrote the s word with a ! instead of an 'i'. I had to flag it. Then he showed a picture of the leader of Al Qaeda. It was hello flags from then on out.


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I shouldn't spread gossip. It isn't the right thing to do.
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What is the best way to end a flame war in your opinion?
If you were a bystander in a flame war and you could say only one thing, what would it be?
If the conflict got worse, would you back away and chat with friends on your GT or attempt to fix the issue?