Stop the Jackpots!



Ok, before flagging this, I want to say: we should stop the jackpots. I know they're fun and easy to make, but stop! This is because when you earn a prize, you never get it! It's only for people to get remixes and play. I entered many, and got many jackpots, but yet I never recieved the prizes. If you want to make a jackpot thingy, then please actually give the prize.
Regards, EnchantedAnimallover


Well sometimes people are too busy to give out prizes or leave Hopscotch and people still enter in jackpots after the user left.


I agree! They were fine until this happened:
·People cheating and lying
·People being mean
·People having accounts where they only publish lotteries.
Remixes are OK, but only doing lotteries and stuff isn't what hopscotch was meant for!


But every jackpot I have entered are always posted 3 mins ago. I find them in newest. So they obviously haven't left.


Yeah. I made one, and people started cheating so I stopped giving prizes, and I got some hate. But who cares about haters? I stayed happy. :grinning:


Kinda off topic, but did you draw your profile pic?


No, it was a request @SmilingSnowflakes did for me. Anyways, we should GBOT. :wink: