Stop the Haters!



We seriously need to stop the haters. I have 3 haters, and their usernames are: "HatersGonnaHATE," "Enchantedhopscotch HATER" and EnchantedHopscotcherHATE." Like, I know who they are: they're my school friends/mates that are jealous of me! Well, they need to stop hating! Reply w/ your username if you agree!


I have no haters... I am not sure is that good are bad... Well I agree!


I know. I have a hater.


Well @EnchantedHopscotcher, why are you making this topic if you know...


(searches up name)
Nope, I dont have any :grinning:


Becuase, other peeps have haters, and they ANNOY ME!!!


but you know... you are one too.


Nope, I am not! Sorry, but don't blame me! Go on my account and we will talk there!



Okay sorry for saying you know stuff


Yea... You're like saying you know this and you know that....


I think there's already a topic about this... =_=


Wait IDK what u mean, just check what i put on our chat on hopscotch.


I know.... But it was made like, a million years ago.... JK!!


Hyperbole something we learnt at school.


Yes, we are in 4th grade! GBOT!


Well, i used to have a hater, you'll never guess what a little kindness can do to a hater... Also, you do NOT deserve to be hated, you're good at coding, unlike your haters.


I have no haters. just a random person who named themselves 'IFightForMyEnemys​:crossed_swords:'


I have haters :slight_smile:

I use them as my motivators :smile:


I don't have an haters, but if I did, I would handle them like @SmileyAlyssa. :smile:


Heheh. :blush: I had a couple actually change their name to SmileyAlyssa HATER, but others just remix my projects with negative things. I don't mind much. But if you just look up my name, there is A TON of people who support me and are fans! And that makes me super happy! :smiley:

Pics of More Mehs

Plus there is a SmileyAlyssa big fan!