Stop the Gender Surveys



Can someone please stop the gender surveys? Surveys are ok, but not gender ones! For example, it asked if I like sports or school better. Even though I am a girl, I like sports better. I am a girl and I like boy things. So, who cares? So, guys, please stop this.

Gender surveys/quizzes (For everyone!)

I agree! I also always get BOY on my survey though I am a girl I like sport more than school and blue more than pink and I like video games too


Thankyou! We could be girls, but we could like boy stuff. And we shouldn't even call them boy stuff because everything is for boys AND girls. Except for maybe clothing.....


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Clothing. Yeah, well, I don't wear dresses. But ya :slight_smile: some girls do and that's fine! I like them, but I don't wear them. I'm weird like that


I agree, but we can't just say to stop and it will just stop. :wink:


I like a project that @OrangeScent1 made a while ago saying that we're all people, and we have different personalities. I believe that the Gender Surveys are stereotyping many people, like me, because we like things that are “for boys” or “for girls”, but can't we just like what we like?
Also, sorry this is so long, I just love replying to stuff like this :relieved:


THANKYOU! It did satisfy me. I feel like I played that one before.....


Yeah, well, gender surveys are guessing.
I thought Dude73 was a boy.


I get girl and I'm a boy.