Stop the confusion!


Ok. I just want to say that I get really annoyed when people use other people's profile picture. It drives me insane. I always get confused and sometimes I post something directed to who you were impersonating and then I realize you're not them. I just want it to stop, April Fools day is over. And the challenge topic, it doesn't have to be someone else's profile pic! That's all I would like to say.


Yesyesyesyesyes. I 7000% agree. It's so annoying! I get it if you're doing it for April fools, but april fools is over.


Sorry for budging in but you are one of my biggest fans/ idols on hopscotch
@LGBT.Coder, you are so awesome!
I used @Anonymous profile pic for April Fools but now it is back to my old one!


It's annoying, I keep thinking people are in a topic, but it's not them.

I think that this isn't the greatest idea.


It was funny at first, but now it's super annoying.


I was about to make on topic on this myself!
Look, for April Fools Day, it's fine, we get it, it's just a prank.
But, it's not April Fools Day anymore.
It really confuses me honestly. I would really like it if everyone changed their profile pic to something original (aka, something that no one else has)


I made my profile picture homemade style. I like it.


april fools day is ANNOYING.


@AmazingAlphaAquaWolf could you please change it back so you're not MagmaPOP? Thanks :wink:


I did it for a challenge, but ok. :D


I think people can do whatever they want! I get its anoying, but it's their picture. And we have usernames, too!


What about copying @system's profile? Take a look at our bio and our profile picture! Well, that wouldn't make a difference, @system never posts anything. Except closing topics. And you can tell who is who.


I thought you were MagmaPOP. ಠ_ಠ


I know. :P

Tempted to change my profile pic again. XD


Off-topic...but the fourm is kind of quiet right now..

I've read everything..It's all gray....

I got so confused because I thought MagmaPOP was in the lounge yesterday. Then I realized it was just @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf. :smiley:


That's why usernames exist. So people don't get confuzzled. :D