STOP THE arguing!


Ok people start the wars and arguments.
We can do friendly debates like respecting each other's opinion but arguing I just like.....: (this is an example)
Person 1:LGBT should be banned from the forum
Person 2: Wow you are disrespecting the whole community.
1: IDC
2: You ignorant bra.t

So yeah...
I see so many things kinda close to this and people are just on fire and will burn the :D trees
Now stop, cool down, and respect other people's opinion.
You can still say if you like LGBT or another side but DO NOT say that you hate that side or I hat.e you people or something that will call wars.
Equality is a thing and we should keep it like that or soon we will have World War III and that will not be good.


I agree. People have to stop fighting on here!
We need PEACE


As I said here
Hopscotch isn't the place for these opinions. I understand that people feel deeply about them, but here is not the place for it.
We can obtain peace by just not stating our opinions. If there are no unrelated opinions, there are no unrelated arguments.
Disagree? Reply and we'll work it out.


I completely agree! You need to respect the community around you! It can cause many flames wars and end up closing a million topics because of that! I feel sad when topics get closed because of flame wars.


The LGBTQ+ community? (Sorry, just got confused)
I completely agree with you, though. We should all be buddies and not talk about things that can start wars. :D