**stop teh hacking**

Plz everyone help stop hacking keep your account safe,your password locked and private and most important: DONT HACK!



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•_• yes is there a problem

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Wait you can get hacked on the fourm?


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Uhhh really idk but I meant in all of hopscotch


(P.S. I like ur profile picture)

@IsabelandKatie, how is that related to Hopscotch? ;-;

Keep it on topic here

Sorry @AlexCoder202
But I'm not too sure we needed this topic.
Hacking is getting less now, because we care more for our personal info.
Thanks for the reminder though.

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Ok should I recycle •_•

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Nah. Perhaps just leave it to be...
Sorry if I hurt your feelings.

Ehhhhh it's ok I'm a tough nut