Stop talking about religions in hopscotch


Hello everyone. I'm game_difficulter. Listen, I've seen that people have been posting things on hopscotch about their religion. Mostly it has been Christianity. Now, you might not want to post those things about your religion because it could start a large fight. Today I saw that Rawrbear had posted something on hopscotch about how Jesus died for our sins and how John 3:16 says it all. Unfortunately, someone branched that project, reposted it with the title, "Jesus ain't real!", and wrote NOPE into the project. I got so angry, unfortunately, and I reposted it saying something about Jesus being real, but I can't completely remember what. Do get why we shouldn't be posting these things? It's because it will easily start a fight and people will get angry. Next thing you know, there might be projects of people saying Jesus is real or not real flying everywhere on hopscotch. Rawrbear, I know you really didn't know something like this would happen, so it's not really your fault. Just remember that you need to be cautious of the things you post. I'm talking to everyone when I say this.

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Not everybody is Christian so it's really rude of you to say that


Yeah... But you don't have to point that out. If that happened it's their problem not ours...


Who did you reply to?


Pointed it out to @game_difficulter


I think that it is okay to talk about religion in Hopscotch, I just don't think that it is okay to say that a religion is not real. Talking about religion is sharing your beliefs and ideas, which we all have the right to do freely. If you don't agree though, you should simply ignore it rather than talk against it because that is when the fighting begins.


I agree @DragonLover975! maybe people can talk about religion, but they can't talk about myths in there religions.


True. But the message I wanted to get to @game_difficulter is that he should just ignore that remix. It's the guy's who remixed @rawrbear's project problem, I hope you understand. Just ignore that remix anyways...


I think its fine but if it gets out of hand just report and don't get into it


I don't like that kind of stuff AT ALL especially because my family isn't into religions, I just know them from school, I'm also half Jueish (I can't even spell something I am but hopefully you know what I am saying) and sometimes I get worried about that fact when on the internet because of things I've seen as a "Jue Girl" as an insult and the only thing my brain can relate to is Jueish.


Jewish and Jew Girl. And if you ever learn about the Haulocaust, the only thing you can do is this: ask WHY you're learning about this while you're young and sensitive


Please don't talk about this on Hopscotch, first of all, we all have our own beliefs for religion. Second of all, Hopscotch is a kid friendly place where to start coding very easily with blocks of code. Including, I am religious, I am a Catholic.


I don't know what I am


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Yup. People are getting less and less sensitive about younger kids (like me) and what hear/see.


Which project? The "Jesus is awesome!" project? Also, I don't judge people with other religions. I respect everyone's religions. Just saying! :wink:


I'm sorry @seawolfwerehorse, I didn't mean to be arguing. I know it won't benefit anyone to argue about this. I think it would probably be best if we all just ignored what we didn't like and kept going. Everyone should respect each other's religions, because nobody is right or wrong. We all believe different things.


Overall, don't make projects about religions. Any project, even yours, @Rawrbear can be hurtful. Some people believe in different religions, for example Hinduism and Muslims, and for someone to say that something is real over the other could be hurtful. The remixer was wrong to post that project, but for everyone, don't make projects about religion.


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