Stop Spam Flagging, Public Accounts, and Flame Wars



Stop. Spam flagging is bad. It closes topics. It makes people sad. Today, I went to a topic that was perfectly fine. Almost everyone got flagged in it .-.

Flame wars are flaming up. Stop. I don't like them.

Public Accounts are a trend. No one wants to be starting a flame war becuase of one public account.


I can't I'm not allowed to :P


I agree! What email do I send to,


I wish we could, but I think (I'm really not sure XD) that THT is gone until the 25th....?

But other than that, I agree completely. I've ran out of flags 4 times in the past few days because of the flame wars, and I think I only have one other time.


Where are they? I'm not off.

I still have to go to school XD




I guess.


If you want to help the cause of banning public accounts, please show support here.


I really don't know, I just heard it somewhere. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Of course, I'm probably wrong. In that case, please do email THT! Hopefully they'll adress it tomorrow.


Oh oke




I'll make that a tag.


Ooh #banpublicaccounts


That's kinda mean to say to ban accounts

It's like saying,ban all accounts that have a k in the username


How? I really don't see it.

I feel like the letter "k" was specifically chosen :0

#16's saying ban accounts that can lead to offensiveness and cursing, bad behavior, and sharing of personal info that can't be tracked down to a specific user. Plus many more things.


Just to let you know

I've never flagged anything

And I've never made any public accounts

it's not my falt


Actually it seems like y'all wanna ban every single account


And picking a k was specially chosen but banning all public accounts is specifically chosen


What do you mean? I've never mentioned wanting to ban an account, not even a public one.


But there is a good reason to ban public accounts, as already stated several times.


I never said u in particular

But if u look at the tags, they clearly wanna ban all of them