Stop Snowball!—StarryDream


@Jess888 in @Snowball, please stop.
I do not appreciate how you cyberbully other Forumers.



This is very rude. You need to stop. This is so disrespectful. Everyone you insulted is amazing.

To people he tagged: don't let haters get you down, you are all awesome :joy:



You need to STOP acting this way.


Thanks for the insults! I really appreciate it. People who hate give me motivation to prove them wrong.

If you think I'm going to stop being me because of you, you're very wrong :joy:

People who hate are insecure about themselves, so I hope you're ok. You proabblay are insecure, so if you need help you can talk to me.


Same as him. Im not going to take that offensive. Its more like a compliment to me. But other people still may think this is mean, so again, please stop. :grin:


Umm, you definitely did not need to continue, and my feelings are also really hurt. I don't think I'm cool at all, and I'm not.

And by the way, I cannot buzz off, as I am not a bee.

I think that if you really feel this way about everyone, you shouldn't be saying it. Maybe just write it on a paper, and throw it in the trash! That's usually how I get feelings out.


@Snowball please stop insulting people like this.

You dont know who's behind the screen.
You don't know their mental health, their physical health, how sensitive they are, and a whole lot of other things too.

You don't know me, or any of the people you tagged.
I'm at a really bad mental state right now and I'm not even going to go into that because it could scare some users, but your hurting my, and others feelings too.

Please stop.
Malty your amazing don't let hate get to you please.
Same for everyone else tagged ^^


Don't let da haters get you down! :slight_smile: You are so aweosme and amazing and so nice! You are an inspiration to everyone. I have seen YouTube videos of famous people reading hate comments. They just laugh at them. I try to do that too, but somtimes it hard :upside_down:


If you don't care about us than please stop commenting.

You don't know who's behind the screen so I'd appreciate you to get your feelings out in another way.

I feel the same way about myself but if your going to say that to me, don't.

You can write all your rants to me and a piece of paper, scribble on it, burn it, shred it, crumple it, throw it away. But please don't say those things to me or any other users on this forum.


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