Stop sayin to not flag inappropriate posts


Hey guys just wanna say something
Stop saying to not flag posts just because you don't want a topic closed. I'm not trying to be rude but guys if something is inappropriate or bad or off topic we should flag it or we're not taking care of the community :confused:
If a regular's topic is getting flamed by a member then yes lounge it but flag stuff that's inappropriate or they won't stop


I agree


hello there, @Anonymous


There are also people who flag posts for no reason, just sayin


Do I know u?
Refresh my memory please


Yeah unless it's a topic you want to get closed or it's the drawing topic or something cause already have enough of those


the rules still apply to the drawing topic....


Oh hey

Ur back

How's eighth grade?










Omg you do not what what kkk is


Ya I know what kkk is


What is it then huh dude


Took you so long to reply


Cause it kept autocorrecting lol


Plus in the USA, if u mention the kkk then people will get mad cause of what the kkk did


Congrats to u

But u shouldn't even mention it on a kids forum


Who are you