Stop Ridiculous Steryotypes!



Ok, so yes, there are a lot of old topics on this but STOP RIDICULOUS STERYOTYPES! Some examples are the "I can guess your gender" surveys. An example of one of these questions could be "Pokemon or shopkins" obviously, Pokemon would be for boys and shopkins for girls. For those of you who don't know what a shopkin is it is

See? I personally think they are a bit creepy. Besides, Pokemon are cute to me. Does that make me a boy? No. It makes me a girl who likes Pokemon.
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Gender surveys/quizzes (For everyone!)

Meh Pokemon is for all genders


I see many girls play Pokemon too and in Pokemon their is a girl option


Exactly! No stereotyping!!!!!!!!


Exactly! I have short hair (just got it cut) and dozens of people have called a boy today. Just because I don't want to wear a pony tail when I go to martial arts (the reason I cut my hair) doesn't mean I'm a boy.


i don't get why people would be like that. its ■■■■. STOP THESE ■■■■■■■ STEREOTYPES


What the what just happened to my reply


i wasn't swearing...........


It isn't a good word to say here though, there are young kids here.


My sister plays Pokemon... I don't play with Shopkins


ohh kay. i thought the only kids who used the forums were 10-13 year olds.




I have had short hair for 2 years and once at summer camp they made me go to the boys bathroom



My masterball socks XD

I used to like shopkins before they were popular :confused:


Wow. My friend who has short hair went into the girl's locker room and the girls there kicked her out.


Pokemon is life! I don't even know what shopkins are! I'm a girl and I'm also Tim Tebow obsessed and football obsessed.


Please don't use the words dum.b or fricki.n in your posts! They are not allowed on the forum because they can be used in a harsh way! Also, I completely agree with this topic!


Yea, I agree with @DancingLollipop's posts and I also agee with this topic!


Shopkins terrify me. And I'm a boy so I'm not supposed to be scared of stuff. Another thing that is one of my worst fears is shopping. Kinda weird but shopping scares me! An I agree, Pokemon is for girls too. I used to compete at Pokemon tournaments (I won a few too!) And I have gotten beaten by girls multiple times. It was normal for a girl to win a game or the entire tournament.


I hate stereotypes. Like when people say "you're really good at soccer...for a girl." What's that supposed to mean? That's not a compliment. Girls can do things boys can do. And what's wrong if a boy likes something a girl does? Nothing's wrong with that.